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I Need Your Support

When I began the Dapper Concealed Carry Movement all I had was the idea that with all the concealed carry resources out there, there really was not anyone (specifically males) talking about fashion and concealed carry.  So after I began carrying and wowing myself and others at how I was able to concealed a firearm and still dress fashionably, I knew that I had something to offer the community.

So far, I have gotten great responses on my posts and the Instagram page is growing daily.  I have quickly realized that in order for this to work, I need to have resources available to get holsters, clothing, and possibly even firearms to review to show how well they work with carrying a gun while being well-dressed.  At the beginning of this year, I laid out a few things that I would like to accomplish. If you have not read that post, you can view it here.

So how can you support me and what is in it for you?  I am so glad you asked.

The simple answer to your question: Founders Republic Store

By following this link, the Founders Republic Store link in the menu, or the banner under “Affiliates” on the right side-bar of this page you have the opportunity to purchase t-shirts that represent Freedom, Revolution, and Liberty for yourself as well as providing support for me.  ***Please use only these links to make your purchases***

I am also working on a few other great opportunities for you to acquire things you need/want while providing support to this movement.  I hope that I can count on you to be a sponsor and I look forward to continuing to provide resources for you, the well-dressed concealed carrying individual.  Regardless, I thank you all for joining me in this and do not be a stranger.

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– Peace

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