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What is Dapper Concealed Carry?

Dapper Concealed Carry is a movement in the firearms and CCW communities dedicated to providing resources for those who wish to carry a concealed handgun while being well-dressed.  We strive to change the image of gun carriers.

Who is Mr. DapperConcealedCarry?

Short Answer: Concealed carry enthusiast striving to becoming an aficionado.

Mr. DapperConcealedCarry is an average citizen with no law enforcement or military experience.  Outside of his interests in CCW and firearms, he is a professional musician, recording/mixing engineer (music, film/tv), music producer, audio consultant, and CEO of an entertainment company.


  1. howard_roark howard_roark
    March 29, 2016    

    love the blog and concept. I also like to dress slimmer tailored and could not find any resources around concealed carrying with that type of dress. Keep it up!

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